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09/09/14 10:47 AM #17    


Janet Broom (Carter)

I too will be sending a donation. Good luck Arlene and please keep us updated on your situation.  Janet A. Carter (Broom)

09/09/14 01:03 PM #18    

James (Jay) MowBray

I will donate, once you let me know how.

09/09/14 01:05 PM #19    


Mary Clark (Crumpton)

Danny and I will be make a donation. Thanks for taking care of the details, Mike. Thanks, Arlene, for allowing us to love on you. Take care. Mary Crumpton

09/09/14 01:13 PM #20    


Terri Brooke

Arlene - I mailed you a check yesterday.  Take care and get better!!!  Your class is gathering around to help, 'cause that's what we do!!!

09/09/14 02:31 PM #21    


Susan Cole (Berry)

Arlene -- check your mailbox.  I dropped a small cash donation in the mail yesterday.  I hope the treatments help you regain your health - will keep you in my thoughts.  I'll watch the HPHS 1971 site for updates on a donation site that will take a debit card.

09/09/14 08:12 PM #22    


Susan Taylor (Frison)

Where is her address?

09/09/14 09:19 PM #23    


Wayne Trowbridge

From the webmasters and reunion committee financials members -

Those of us who wish to help out our classmate Arlene, are encouraged to send contributions to her directly through the US Postal Service. Her address is available on the website via the "Classmates Profiles" navigation on the left side of the screen. 

After much discussion - although the webmasters and reunion committee financials members are not unsympathetic to Arlene's situation (and will likely be contributing via snail mail), we will neither set up a vehicle for donation on the website nor contribute reunion funds - either of which could have  legal and ethical issues for us. 
We join all of you in wishing Arlene the best.

09/10/14 09:25 AM #24    


Arlene Sharp (Cathey)

You can go to paypal.com. put cathey99@embarqmail. Money sent to me. I send it to bank.

09/12/14 09:52 AM #25    

Brenda Kinder (Davis)

Do you prefer the money be sent via e-mail or do you want a check sent directly to you?

09/13/14 04:33 PM #26    


Arlene Sharp (Cathey)

Can send by paypal.I send to bank. arlenecathey
@embarqmail.com or Arlene Cathey 53 E Skyline Circle. Mound City, Kansas. 66056. thanks from the bottom of myheart.


09/26/14 09:03 PM #27    


Arlene Sharp (Cathey)

Thanks to everyone one who helped me out with some medical gas money. I will send an individual thank you this next week. Being in the hospital for 5 days and in house rehab. for 10 days has set me back. I go home tomorrow.

09/27/14 10:30 PM #28    


Michael Boyles

Hope u r feeling better Arlene!!

09/29/14 06:00 PM #29    


Eileen Moorehouse

Thinking about you and wishing you well! Keep us posted. 

09/30/14 03:55 PM #30    


Laurence Upshaw

I also wish you well


09/30/14 05:52 PM #31    

Mark Turner

I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you Arlene, get well soon!!


09/30/14 10:49 PM #32    


Wayne Trowbridge

Wishing you the best, kiddo.

01/10/15 06:51 PM #33    


Arlene Sharp (Cathey)

There hasn't been much change inmy condition.  I have spent more time ih the hospital. On Dec.11 I almost died.  I got double pneumoni and had to be intebetted. They have decided I am not getting rid of my bad carbon dioxide.  I was in ICU a Mercy in FortScott and then transferred to Shawnee Mission Medical Center. I was in ICU for3 more days theh moved to progressive.  From there I went to Pittsburg,Kansas for in house therapy.  I was in there Christmas and NewYears.  I am now on a machine at night called a trillogy (like a C-Pap) to help with the Carbon Dioxide.  It goes over my face.  I hate it but have to use it. I am now just trying to get a little stronger each day. Thanks so much for your prayers and the help with gas money.

06/17/15 09:26 PM #34    


Arlene Sharp (Cathey)

I am in Olathe Medical Center

06/18/15 02:02 PM #35    


Eileen Moorehouse

Thinking of you and wishing you the best, Arlene!!


06/18/15 07:14 PM #36    


Beth Smith (Svercl)

Arlene, Hope you are seeing any sign of improvement! Saying prayers!

02/13/18 09:58 PM #37    

Debra Morrison (Morrison-Orton)

If we are celebrating our 65th BDs this summer should we bring our Medicare cards?  Debra Morrison-Orton 

02/14/18 03:25 PM #38    

Bev Wunder


02/15/18 11:10 AM #39    

Larry Weckbaugh

May not make it back just for dinner. Larry Weckbaugh

02/15/18 12:03 PM #40    

Bev Wunder

Darn, Larrry, I was afraid of that.  Will check back in a few months to see what your plans are.  

02/16/18 10:43 AM #41    

Larry Weckbaugh


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